Manduka releases the UnBLOK to enhance your yoga practice

Manduka releases the UnBLOK to enhance your yoga practice
The UnBLOK's shape supports my wrist.

Manduka recently released the new Manduka UnBLOK which is different than the symmetrical blocks you are used to.  The curve of the unBlOCK is created with two adjacent curved planes to create a more ergonomic shape.

The unBLOK is a complement to any level and style and level of practice.  It helps anyone modify postures to your level of comfort, strength and flexibility and provides protection for your wrists and joints.

The unBlok creates gentle spine support and stability for standing poses.  It is slip resistant and easy to grip and made from eco-friendly material.

Inspired by the unblocking that naturally occurs when you have a powerful yoga session, Manduka is supporting the launch with a digital campaign celebrating the community spaces that help practitioners achieve breakthroughs: local yoga studios. The unBLOK party campaign and contest encourages yogis to nominate their local studio via Facebook, sharing how their favorite practice space helps them “unblock” and return to the world with new clarity.

“Manduka's mission is to soulfully engineer yoga gear to help people inspire the practice of yoga and find personal breakthroughs,” said Sky Meltzer, CEO Manduka.  “Many of these breakthroughs happen in a yoga studio environment. We are encouraging our community to give thanks to the people and places who have helped them on their path, acknowledging our local studios for their huge role in our practice and our lives.”

Through the unBLOK party campaign and contest, Manduka is making it easy for practitioners to show their studio some love.  Simply:

Nominate—Head over to Manduka’s Facebook page and answer a few questions on your inspirational studio. Manduka will thank you with a special offer.

Select—Manduka will select five studio nominations to feature on a dedicated page.  The selected studios will be outfitted in Manduka yoga gear.  Additionally, five people who nominate will be gifted with an unBLOK kit.

Vote—The community will be encouraged to visit the unBLOK landing page to vote for their studio of choice.  The winning studio will receive additional Manduka yoga gear and an ‘unBLOK’ party—an in-studio experience inclusive of yoga taught by a high-profile teacher followed by a celebration with music, food and product giveaways.

Give—Manduka will sponsor a teacher or teachers at the winning studio to do their own seva work bringing yoga to an underserved area in their local community.

Nominations are open and will run through May 28.  Voting will begin May 31.

For more information on Manduka, please visit their website or follow on Facebook or Twitter.

Do you have a favorite studio to nominate? Do you use yoga blocks during your practice? 

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