Ramen Noodles are very bad for you

Ramen Noodles are very bad for you
My current favorite meal; I wish it wasn't so bad for me.

I have a confession.  My recent favorite dinner for myself (when my husband is working or out of town and I'm not eating with the kids) is this delicious ramen soup I created.

Take one bag ramen noodles (it costs about 23 cents, so grab four) and place in 2 cups of boiling water.  Crack one egg into the boiling water and add 2 cups spinach or other greens.  Top with sriracha sauce.

I don't use the little pack of sodium they include, but do season with salt and pepper.

Hot, cheap, filling and awesome.  I crave this dish.

I was hoping that avoiding the salt in the seasoning that I discarded and adding the spinach and egg that maybe I was creating a somewhat healthy dairy free meal.


Then I read this from Just Hungry's site:

So what makes instant ramen bad? It’s the manufacturing process. In order to create a dessicated, long-keeping noodle that cooks in a couple of minutes, it’s deep-fried in oil. There are air-dried instant ramen varieties out there, but they take a bit longer to cook (though it’s only about 5 minutes), and more importantly are not the real cheap kind. The 5-packs-for-a-buck kind are definitely not air dried.

To make things worse, the instant soup mix has more fat in it, not to mention a lot of sodium , monosodium glutamate (MSG), preservatives and other mystery ingredients. You may not be one of the people who is sensitive to the effects of MSG, but the high sodium content is definitely something be wary of.

There is no reason I should be putting all of that in my body (sometimes more than once a week) when I am trying to get all the toxins OUT of my body.

Just because it is meatless, does not mean it is healthy.  I'm interested if their are healthier versions of ramen available to purchase and cook with.

Do you eat Ramen Noodles? What are your guilty food pleasures? 

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