Did the thieves steal my yoga mat to practice on?

Did the thieves steal my yoga mat to practice on?

On an average fall morning a few weeks ago, my husband and I kissed each other goodbye as he proceeded to his car to head to work while the kids and I rushed over to my car for morning school drop off.

Ten minutes later we were all back in the kitchen shocked that both of our cars were broken into during the night.  It was just stuff that was taken, we have moved on from it, but at the time it felt extremely violating.

The stuff taken included newborn and first birthday gifts, my yoga mat, computer, iPad, sunglasses and other items that I am not sure (besides the electronics) what the thieves will be doing with.  Frustrated I turned to Facebook wondering who would steal a yoga mat.

One woman wrote in the comments that apparently someone needed the mat more than I did.  I must admit it made me smile to imagine the punk who broke into my car flowing through a vinyasa on my mat.

Another commenter mentioned that I should contact Manduka, the maker of my mat, as it is lifetime guaranteed. I figured it was worth a try and popped over to and sent a short note asking if the lifetime guarantee included stolen mats.   Less than 24 hours later, I received a personal note from a sweet customer care representative from Manduka.

Because we believe that a single mat can make a world of difference, Manduka will be gifting you a brand new Black Mat PRO, in the color of your choosing! We hope that this gesture will help make a difference in your yoga practice and by extension assist you in facing all of life’s challenges.

To be fair, she did read my blog as it was linked to the email, but never once asked me to write or promote Manduka. I am inspired my Manduka's kindness and am even more encouraged to provide happiness for others as they did for me.

Every day I look forward to rolling out my new mat. Each time I am reminded that although sadly there is a lot of bad going on in our world, luckily we also have good to balance it out.





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