Meatless Monday: The Vietnamese Banh Mi

Meatless Monday: The Vietnamese Banh Mi

Vietnamese sandwich shops are popping up all over our city.  Originally primarily in the Uptown neighborhood near Lawrence and Broadway similar restaurants have been opening quickly and expanding into new areas.

I ate at the new Banh Mi in Roscoe Village and ordered the vegetable spring rolls and a tofu banh mi. I didn't have high hopes even after I have heard raves, but I was wrong and blown away by the freshness and taste.

According to Wikipedia a Bahn Mi is as follows.

Bánh mì or bánh mỳ is a Vietnamese term for all kinds of bread. Bread, or more specifically the baguette, was introduced by the French during its colonial period. The bread most commonly found in Vietnam is a single serving (a roll) resembling a torpedo, therefore the term bánh mì is synonymous with this type of bread. The bánh mì is usually more airy than its western counterpart, so as a result, has a thinner crust.

The affordable meal is substantial.  All sandwiches are loaded with carrots, cucumbers, daikon, cilantro and jalapeno peppers.  I removed my peppers and my sandwich was still spicy, but delicious.  The spices and sauces mixed with the fresh ingredients and crunchy French bread makes for a perfect Meatless Monday meal.

If you haven't tried a Banh Mi yet, go to one of the places below, come back and comment telling me how in love you are with this sandwich.

Banh Mi & Co.

2057 W. Roscoe and 3141 N. Broadway



Nhu Lan

2612 W Lawrence Ave

(773) 878-9898


Saigon Sisters

567 W. Lake St.

(312) 496-0090

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