Paul Revere Park: The Conclusion of My Quest to Explore Chicago Parks

Paul Revere Park: The Conclusion of My Quest to Explore Chicago Parks

At the beginning of the summer I introduced a series, Breaking Down Chicago Parks One by One. My daughter and I (this week joined by my son) visited a different park in the city of Chicago each week and shared the good, bad and parking situation of each playground. The past weeks we explored Welles Park, Adam's PlaygroundHolstein ParkBerger ParkIndian Boundary ParkWard A. Montgomery ParkRiver Park and this week Revere Park near Western and Irving Park.

This was the 8th and final week of park visits.  The pencils are sharpened and school is starting, but it was a nice escape to head over to Paul Revere Park in the early evening.

At first my kids and I were the only ones in the fenced in playground.  I was able to relax and look around instead of nervously keeping my eye on them. I watched the big tennis courts loud from games and lessons.

The park opens its doors to a steady stream of traffic from children and adults seeking fun athletic leagues and instruction year round. Whether your game of choice is baseball, softball, football, soccer, volleyball, basketball or even rugby, there is a sport for everyone to choose from at the park. The park features four outdoor tennis courts, baseball fields and a new ADA accessible playground.

During the school year, Revere Park hosts a strong PARK KIDS after-school program that runs from 2 to 6 p.m. every weekday. They also have many programs for ages 5 and under including Tumbling, Fun & Games, Kids Fitness, and Arts & Crafts

The Good: Quiet and secluded.

The Bad: Not much shade.

The Parking: There is a lot attached to the park and building which makes parking very convenient.

Revere Park

2509 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago IL 60618

When summer was getting underway in June, I remember feeling unsure how I would fill the countless hours of free time.  This project has taken me and my daughter all over Chicago to see some of the most beautiful, lush and FREE parks are city offers.  I learned that although we live in the city, there are many opportunities to be outside amongst nature.

Chicago may not be succeeding with their soon to be striking school system or corrupt government, but I will be the first to say the Chicago Park District has done a stellar job at maintaining the many parks throughout our city.




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