Berger Park: The Best View and Breeze in Chicago

Berger Park: The Best View and Breeze in Chicago

At the beginning of the summer I introduced a new series, Breaking Down Chicago Parks One by One. My daughter and I are visiting a different park in the city of Chicago each week and sharing the good, bad and parking situation of each playground. The past weeks we explored Welles Park, Adam's Playground and Holstein Park. This week we headed north to Berger Park.

I had been to Berger Park a few times in my former pre-kids life, once for a wedding reception in the historic mansion and another time for a performance art show in a smaller space.

Neither time did I notice a playground. It makes me smile how life changes.

This time my daughter and I took Lake Shore Drive north until it turned into Sheridan Road and easily found Berger Park sitting on top of beautiful Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, parking is not easy around there and we had to park blocks away in a questionable spot on a side street.

The expansive playground was recently redone and had the usual equipment that will occupy babies and older kids. This park wins best view and breeze hands down.

We were attracted to the rocks to watch the water. This lakefront is different than Montrose, North Avenue or Oak Street beaches. It is quiet and much less congested. There is a small area of sand where you can sit or enjoy swimming.

If my daughter was in a better mood, I would of loved to eat at the cafe on the water. It looked vacation-like and not something I would expect to find in Edgewater.

Berger Park also offers concerts, Movies in the Park and the Annual Jewelry and Ceramics Show. It offers cultural programs that include Art and ABC's, Jewelry Making, Writer’s Workshop, an arts based Park Kids after school program. The Cultural Center is currently home to one of the most popular ceramics program within the Chicago Park District.

The Good: The smell, feel and look of the lake.

The Bad: Parking is not easy.

The Parking: There is no parking available on Sheridan and limited spots on nearby side streets.  The 151 Sheridan Bus will drop you off right in front of Berger Park.

Berger Park Cultural Center

6205 N. Sheridan Rd. Chicago IL 60660

Next week we are visiting Indian Boundary Park.  Have you been there?


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