Team Bullied: Ending the Cycle of Fear - Link Up Posts Here

Team Bullied: Ending the Cycle of Fear - Link Up Posts Here

My Chicago Now friend, Carrie, started Team Bullied: Ending the Cycle of Fear to support the release of her book Bullied.

Carrie Goldman became an unexpected voice for the antibullying movement after her blog post about her daughter Katie's bullying experience went viral and an online community of support generated international attention. In Bullied, Goldman brings together the expertise of leading authorities with the candid accounts of families dealing firsthand with peer victimization to present proven strategies and concrete tools for teaching children how to speak up and carry themselves with confidence; call each other out on cruelty; resolve conflict; cope with teasing, taunting, physical abuse, and cyberbullying; and be smart consumers of technology and media. As a mother, she calls on us all—families, schools, communities, retailers, celebrities, and media—to fiercely examine our own stereotypes and embrace our joint responsibility for creating a culture of acceptance and respect.

To coincide with the book’s release, an official online Team Bullied community is being built, where people can share their experiences with bullying and give advice on how to create a culture of acceptance and respect. Everyone has a story to tell: here is your chance. Tell your story, whether you have been a bully or a target, a parent of a suffering child, or a teacher who has witnessed peer victimization. Healing is found in telling your story and sharing your strength. Send others in your situation the message, “You are not alone.” Join Team Bullied and end the cycle of fear.

I was bullied as a girl in junior high and my less secure self did some regretful bullying of my own in high school. I see my son experience bullying in kindergarten and camp.  It needs to stop now; there are too many tragic stories to allow any of this behavior to continue.

You are not alone.  Link up your posts on the Linky Tool below so we can share our triumphs as a community.


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