How Can No Seat Belts on School Buses Be Legal?

How Can No Seat Belts on School Buses Be Legal?

Most would agree I'm a somewhat laid back mom.  I don't freak out about my children falling off their bikes or climbing up jungle gyms.

I do worry about field trips.

How can it be legal to drive thousands of kids around in a big, yellow, hard to drive vehicle that doesn't have car seats let alone SEAT BELTS?

It is illegal to drive one of my kid's friends home from school safely buckled in if they are not in a required car seat, how can buses not apply?

That bus driver has a very hard and important job.  I'm sure it is not easy to maneuver through city traffic with 50 six year olds screaming and singing camp songs over and over again.

Even once they arrive safely, I'll still be worrying about hundreds of kids at the water park.  How will the high school age counselors keep them all straight when they take off their camp shirts to go in the water?  Not to mention the stress of children that are still new to swimming spending a day in the pool.

Today my son will be having the time of his life flying down water slides, practicing his underwater swimming and goofing around with his buddies, I'll have a pit in my stomach, work on my yoga breathing and remind myself he is fine.

I won't stop worrying until I pick him and know he is safe.



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  • I understand your concern; however, school buses are remarkably safe. From a recent article:
    "If cars have seat belts, why aren't they generally required in school buses? Because modern school buses are already remarkably safe, and because seat belts don't work the same way in buses as they do cars, research shows. Numerous federal and academic studies have concluded that school buses are the safest form of ground transportation of all, in fact. The National Safety Council says they're about 40 times safer than the family car."

    He's safer in a school bus than when you pick him up from school.

  • In reply to Bruce White:

    Thank you, Bruce, for the links. It is refreshing to know school buses are the safest form of ground transportation.

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