Meez Meals delivers everything you need to cook Meatless Monday dinner

Meez Meals delivers everything you need to cook Meatless Monday dinner

Do you love to cook but don't have time to get the right ingredients?

Do you want to learn to prepare healthy meals for your family?

Are you struggling to find unique vegetarian recipes?

Are you home with young kids or busy at work and can't get to the store to buy fresh ingredients?

I have found a solution for you.

Meez Meals is a vegetarian delivery food service created to make cooking easy.  That means taking out the time and hassle that comes with planning meals and prepping ingredients.  It also means making sure the adventure of cooking new flavors with wholesome ingredients takes center stage.

They've thought of everything from delivering to my door in recyclable, refrigerated packaging to having all ingredients pre cut, cleaned and measured.

Every Monday they post new unique dishes for the week.  Meez Meals provided me with Penne with Avocado Pea Pesto, Grilled Vegetables with Lemony White Bean Quinoa Salad and Spinach Pancakes with Corn Salsa.

The Spinach Pancakes shown above took about 40 minutes to prepare.  I followed the easy step-by-step instructions and assembled the dinner that my whole family enjoyed.  It took some time and created a mess in my kitchen, but the result was large portions of a healthy, vegetable heavy dinner.  Plus, my house smelled as if I had been cooking all day!

If you have been struggling to get dinner on the table every night, I have a special opportunity for you to try Meez MealsMention Yoga Mom and receive $20 off your first order.

Now that I discovered Meez Meals, there is no excuse not to have a delicious Meatless Monday meal every week.


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