Breaking Down Chicago Parks: Holstein Park

Breaking Down Chicago Parks: Holstein Park

At the beginning of the month I introduced a new series, Breaking Down Chicago Parks One by One.  My daughter and I are visiting a different park in the city of Chicago each week and sharing the good, bad and parking situation of each playground. The past few weeks we explored Welles Park and Adam's Playground; this week is Holstein Park.

The hidden gem on the border of Wicker Park and Logan Square is minutes from my home, yet tucked away in a spot I would never have found Holstein Park.  I'm thankful for this series for introducing me to all the FREE fun our city is providing.  I will remind myself of this when I pay my tax bill August 1st.

The shady park is separated from a building with locker rooms and a huge beautiful pool and a shallow wading pool perfect for little ones.  My friend and I made a major mistake taking our time on the swings before heading over to the pool.  By the time we parked the stroller and arrived at the water it was 11:00 and we were told it was closed until 1:00 for camp swimming.

There is a theme here with public parks; CHECK THE POOL/WATER SCHEDULES before you get your children in their bathing suits and swim diapers.

After a moment of disappointment, we found a shady spot and enjoyed a picnic and explored the unique equipment.  I'm excited to go back to experience the pool although am wondering if it will be crazy crowded on the weekend when I can bring the whole family.

The Good: Shady, quiet and possibly the best free pools in the city.

The Bad: A confusing schedule on when you can and cannot use the pools.

The Parking: A spot within a block or two should be easy to find.  Located right off the highway and near the Western bus.

Holstein Park

2200 N. Oakley Ave. Chicago IL 60647

Next week we are heading north and going to Berger Park Cultural Center overlooking the Lake!


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