Breaking Down Chicago Parks: Adam's Playground

Breaking Down Chicago Parks: Adam's Playground

A few weeks ago I introduced you to a new series, Breaking Down Chicago Parks One by One.  My daughter and I are visiting a different park in the city of Chicago each week and sharing the good, bad and parking situation of each playground. Last week we went to Welles Park, and this week Adam's Playground near Armitage and Sheffield.

First impression: Not good.  I had a play date at Adam's Playground years ago.  My son was about 2 and I'm sure we had a fun time, but all I remember is the parking ticket I got on my car that day.  It still is unclear why I wasn't allowed to park my car in front of a playground, but I knew sixty dollars for a park visit is never worth it.

Since then I have heard nothing but raves about the park, so I knew it was one we should rediscover this summer.

My daughter and I decided to go on a 100-degree headline-making day.  My body and hair were miserable from the dry heat as I watched my red faced daughter run towards the burning hot slide.  Close to defeated, we headed over to the main attraction: the water park.  Considering it is free, it is ideal summer fun.

It is important to check the schedule here for the water park hours because I did come (probably the same day I got the ticket) and the water wasn't on, which is a disappointment especially once the kids are dressed in their bathing suits.

My almost 4 - year-old was reluctant to get drenched in the sprinklers, but she was easily entertained filling buckets of water and dumping them on me. The park was filled with everything from babies to tweens enjoying the simple relief of the water.  I sure did!

 The Good: The water could entertain a child for hours.

The Bad: The previously mentioned parking ticket.

The Parking: I found a spot pretty easily this time, but it is definitely not one that you should expect to park directly in front.  The brown line is nearby on Armitage and Sheffield.

Adam's Playground
919 N. Seminary Ave. Chicago IL 60614

Next week we are heading to Holstein Park.  Have you been there?

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