What is the first word you think when I say the word "heart?"

What is the first word you think when I say the word "heart?"

Today in yoga we focused on our hearts.  Before our vigorous practice, we wrote down words that came to mind when thinking of that body part.





Letting go






During my heart opening back bends, I continued to explore this juxtaposition of how the heart is a central part of my world, yet has two contrastingly different purposes in my household.

My husband works in the heart industry (as we rookies call it) and some may say my father-in-law is an expert in a heart-related field.  Their hard work, knowledge and learnings are crucial to ensure our hearts continue to beat.

The heart is essential to our existence.

On the other side of the world, I am the emotional analyst that leads with my heart. I ponder over every decision, moving through my day with a heavy heart when worried about my family or others in unfortunate situations.  Similarly, I exert pure joy (and possibly tears)  in celebrating milestones and acknowledging each moment.

If it made sense to wear my heart on my sleeve, then I am.

In the bigger picture I'm noticing this distinction in my home life.  My partner and I are drastically different in approach and reaction as he looks at each obstacle with a level headed practical solution, and I consider our physical and mental comfort in each transition.

My fingers are crossed his yin and my yang balance in unison to create a logically loving home.

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