"Time Magazine" Takes On Extended Breastfeeding

"Time Magazine" Takes On Extended Breastfeeding




I'm not one to preach about breastfeeding.  Women already have way too much pressure and subsequent guilt on how they choose to feed their child.  I think your child will be fine with whatever personal choice you make.

After all, look at me - I was a formula fed baby.


I nursed both of my children until they were around a year and I know many that have breastfed their kids way beyond one, two and three years old.

I don't care how long you nurse and how you choose to supply milk to your little one.


What I do care about is this photo on the cover of this week's Time Magazine.

I can't imagine any of you extended breast feeders out there have your son stand on a chair while you pose in your skinny jeans.  Have you ever nursed with your hand on your hip and a slight bend in your knee? There is something about the smirk on her face that seems quite unattached and uninterested in her child sucking on her breast.

Breastfeeding to me was very loving and a time to cuddle.  This image is sterile and sensationalizes the act that many feel very passionate about.


I also care about the headline, "Are you Mom Enough?" Does that mean that all of us who aren't nursing a four year old aren't good enough?  Once again someone is made to feel like a bad mom.


To be honest, I can't believe any nursing breast looks like the one shown in the photo above.  Or maybe I'm just the unlucky one.


When you look at this cover what do you think?



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  • I think you captured a lot of what bothers me about this photo. There's something a bit too provocative about it.

  • In reply to Gary Lucido:

    Thank you Gary for suggesting the idea for me to write about. I know I am opening a can of worms, but couldn't resist.

  • The article was about attachment parenting, it wasn't even about extended breastfeeding specifically. But of course magazines are in the business of making sales so they had to pick the most controversial photo possible in order to get reader's attention. I would say they succeeded. They can always count on us (and I include myself) to be quick to judge one another.

    I am not going to criticize this woman's pose, her stare, or her breastfeeding position, or her choice to nurse her three-year-old. That seems to imply that there is only one right way for a woman to look, a right way for a woman to stand, and a right way for a woman to nurse her baby or child.

    Would it have been more acceptable if she were dressed in a fuzzy pink shirt, sitting in a rocker with a blissed-out look on her face, looking demurely away from the camera, cuddling her child on her lap?

  • In reply to Christine Whitley:

    Thanks for adding your opinion, Christine. Honestly, I think if it was a women in a rocking chair lovingly looking at her child in her lap as he nursed I wouldn't have a problem with it.

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    I agree Beth, this picture is a turn off to real moms. It does seem provocative. I feel like they are making a mockery out of the situation.

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    I get that the picture and caption are supposed to capture our attention. I get that the article isn't about extended breastfeeding. However, asking a question Are You Mom Enough with that picture next to it makes me angry. Are we mom enough for what? To look that good in a pair of skinny jeans and breastfeed our children long past the recommended year mark? I'm tired of feeling pressure everywhere I turn and worrying and wondering if I'm doing the right thing or what others will perceive of me. Maybe I'm too optimistic to think we are ALL doing our best! In the end isn't that all that truly matters. And yes Beth, I agree, the picture would be just as effective (maybe even more) if she were sitting lovingly feeding her child.

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