School is Ending; Time to Embrace Change

School is Ending; Time to Embrace Change

Memorial Day is the official beginning of summer.  We are safe to wear white and everyone's Facebook updates are exploding with photos of picnics and sprinklers.

My son, daughter and I finally seem to have fallen into a comfortable weekday rhythm and all of sudden it is ending.  Camp will bring an entirely new schedule to figure out.

We will be fine; we will adapt and enjoy all the benefits of parks, pools and beaches.

When I told my son school was almost over he asked, "I thought you said Kindergarten lasted a long time?  That was short."

My thoughts exactly, Buddy.

Reflecting on the year, he entered his first "real" year of school not knowing how to read a word, and now he reads me long books with big words.  I would say that is a successful year.

Likewise, my daughter entered Preschool barely potty trained with no experience in any similar type of setting.  She has thrived with friendships, following rules, cleaning up and writing her name.  Another success, although I wish she did the cleaning up part at home too.

So really there is no reason to resist the change.  We are all ready to move on and see what happens next.



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