P90X: 45 Days Done, 45 Days To Go

P90X: 45 Days Done, 45 Days To Go
Left Photo: Day 1, Right Photo: Day 45. Do you see any difference?

I'm surprised we are already half-way done with the 90 days of P90X.  Life goes by so fast that after the first week we were committed and in a rhythm; the workouts just became part of our day. I will say that having a partner, in my case my husband, makes both us feel accountable for showing up when in reality we both feel like collapsing after a long, tiring day.

Each workout continues to challenge us.  I cannot say they are getting easy, but the pushups, lunges and ab crunches are becoming manageable and I see progress which is rewarding. In working out solo, I might do 10 pushup or 12 bicep curls.  With P90X we repeat doing up to 10 sets of pushups and over 100 curls.

Both of us have not seen major changes on the scale; although I've lost about 8 pounds since I started the cleanse at the beginning of April.

I've learned that everyone has time in their day for an hour workout.  Our family is up early at six and usually awake until at least ten at night.  That gives us sixteen hours to exercise.  It is possible to find the time; just important to make it a priority.

While watching television after school, my boy called me into the room.

"P90X is on TV!  Is that what you are going to look like, Mom?"

We both stared at the before and after pictures on the screen.  The women were bulky, muscular and looked nothing like me.  The men's arms were a minimum of 4 times the size of my husbands.  Mind you, my husband is looking strong; I'm thinking the advertising is a little misleading.

Today we took our half way progress photos.  While posing, I felt stronger and less shameful than I felt 45 days ago.  But, I must admit while looking at the photos I see little difference.

I'm not discouraged because bottom line I feel better.  I learned that eating crap makes me feel like crap and I noticed a shift in my husband's choices particularly looking at cutting back on sodium in salty snacks like potato chips.

My husband and I are communicating more because we are forced to be together for a dedicated hour of movement.  The kids are interested and have evolved with us, understanding that mom and dad are exercising for an hour and need to entertain themselves, although they are always encouraged and often join us.

In summary, I am glad my husband and I are on this P90X journey together.  Although hard, we have more confidence, our clothes fit better and we are actually enjoying our new lifestyle.

Have you done P90X?  Have you seen more results?  Are you considering starting a new workout regime for the summer?



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