I Can Do Without Sorting Socks

I Can Do Without Sorting Socks

My house will never be perfectly organized.  My laundry will never be completely done.  My husband will always be looking for matching socks.

No matter how hard I try, this nagging sock problem will not go away.

I do laundry as often as I can, but for some reason there are always spare socks without a match after all the clean clothes are put in their designated drawer.  Those extra socks are put to the side in hopes their match will be discovered in the next load.  Sadly, the cycle is repeated until the sock pile is taking over and my husband is wearing black dress socks to exercise because no white ones have a match.

I mentioned here how my kids wear mismatched socks.  This is really a necessity as there seems to be a magnetic pole pulling the pairs apart.

Between the four sock wearers in our home combining gym, play and work socks; it is upward of 5 pairs a day and 35 in a week.  I cannot bear to imagine how families with four or five kids can even manage to do the laundry let alone put the pairs together.

I remember my color blind Dad having this problem and buying all sorts of Shark Tank-like contraptions to keep the socks together through the laundry process.  Clearly none of them worked because I'm pretty sure he is still having this problem.

Can anyone else fess up to having a hard time matching socks? I never see sock piles when I go over to your houses.





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  • Solution: Always buy the same color and style. Then, it won't matter which ones you pair up!

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    Your article came up in my alerts this morning and I had to respond. I see and hear this complaint often.

    We have a couple of solutions to help with 2 issues you mentioned. GoldToe EZ Match socks for Kids - easy sorting / matching for the kids in the house and for dads who are color blind, we offer Color ID - the Blue socks have a grey stripe inside to let men know they have on Navy socks. No more getting to work to discover they are wearing 1 black and 1 blue combination. Sorry, we don't do laundry. I too have a HUGE basket of miss matched socks. Check it out if you get a chance. Contact us if you'd like to try them and do a review. www.GoldToe.com

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    In reply to Karen Heneks:

    One thing that might help is our iron on laundry labels so you can see who's socks belong to who! Check our website:

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