P90X: Day One

P90X: Day One

Last night my husband and I committed to ninety days of P90X,  intense exercises targeting different body parts daily.  We've been talking about a life style change for a while and felt it was the best program for us because we could do it at home while the kids are sleeping. After putting it off with various excuses, we finally took the plunge and ordered the DVDs, arm bands and a chin up bar.

We began by watching the intro video.  I then realized I wasn't looking for the bulky body shown in the video and I was worried; terrified actually.

After an especially busy day the little kid was in bed and the big kid was playing with Legos.  As much as I wanted to collapse with a glass of wine; we got in our workout clothes and gym shoes and put the Chest & Back plus Ab Rippers video into our DVD player.

This hour and a half workout was long but manageable.  We grunted through push-up variations and chin ups for an hour.  I was surprised that I was able to follow along. Granted I did about 10 reps instead of the 20 or 30 that the professionals could do, but still it was the first day.   Despite it being challenging, there were water breaks and we could keep up.

Finally I thought it was over, and then realized we still had fifteen minutes of abdominals. Then it got really painful, we kept going and soon fifteen minutes ended and we had completed Day One.

We were done by 9:00 p.m. and felt accomplished and sore.  The best part: my husband and I were encouraging each other and spending time together doing something healthy.

Now that I finished one workout, my biggest concern is if we can commit to doing this every day.  What happens when someone has to work late or a child is sick?  I guess we find away like waking up at 5 a.m.

Have you done P90X?  Were you able to commit to 90 days of working out?

Tonight is Plyometrics; I don't even know what that means!





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    I did the first month of P90X! My baby was still small so he wasn't going to bed as consistently yet...so I had to abandon it. However, I LOVED the results I got even with just a month!

    Plyo is hard but super fun (in my opinion anyway) Good luck!!

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    Kasandra, It is so hard with little ones. My daughter continually interrupted us. Luckily, we could pause it!. Do you think you will try to start it again when he is older?

    I'm looking forward to trying Plyo tonight.

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