How P90X will improve my Yoga practice

How P90X will improve my Yoga practice
Kino MacGregor in an advanced arm balance

My husband and I are now on day 15 of P90X.  Keeping consistent has been fairly easy and I'm proud I've only missed a fifteen minute abdominal session to teach a yoga class.  My husband traveled to Puerto Rico for work and did push- ups and core work in his room and although not the same, this is the first time he has worked out in a hotel room in...ever.

There are many days when I'm not in the mood, but having a partner is very motivating and honestly I look forward to the exercises.  The regime is hard yet the variety keeps it fresh (so far) and rotates the muscles working.

P90X includes a Yoga X DVD and fitness guru Tony Horton seems to be knowledgeable about yoga.  The vibe is 100% different than a candlelit studio especially since there is a clock counting down minutes left in the corner of the screen, but the poses and the alignment are accurate.  I'm thrilled my husband and I are finally doing yoga together and I'm hoping after our 90 days he will be ready to come to the studio with me.

My yoga practice outside of P90X has been mostly consistent minus my beloved Saturday morning class, which has been replaced by Kenpo.  I've got to say starting the morning with an intense kickboxing workout has shaped the past two weekends to be at the top of my list.  Instead of tired and unmotivated, the whole family seems energetic and strong.

My hope is my arm balances will improve from my new found strength and confidence.  My body needs to get stronger to carry my body weight into beautiful, elaborate poses. Strong arms are necessary, but really the entire body needs to be fit to accomplish these challenging asanas.  Each deep stretch reminds me of my previous night's workout and each breath guides me forward.

My yoga teacher told us we will never grow if we don't do things that are hard for us.  It would be easy to stick with my familiar yoga practice, instead of switching things up and intensifying my workouts to take my yoga practice to the next level.

Fifteen days completed.  Seventy five days to go, can we do it?

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