Three Things I Learned at My First Spin Class

Three Things I Learned at My First Spin Class

Following my mantra to try new things, this week I went to my first spin class.  I know I'm about a decade late on this trend, but I am glad I finally took a class. Spinning is a fitness class on a bike with various adjustments of resistance and positioning in a dark room with loud music. Here is what I learned from my sweaty experience.

1. The first time is always the hardest.  Like anything new there is a learning curve.  I was nervous for a minute walking in, but quickly spotted an open bike in the back corner and began to pretend I knew how to adjust it.  The teacher, Tiffany, came over and patiently adjusted my bike and explained proper alignment and the basics of the class.

2.  Find a motivating teacher. As the women sitting next to me who has been spinning for 12 years told me she only goes to classes where the teacher plays good music.  That makes sense. Tiffany encouraged the twenty riders to push harder and climb higher.

3. Prepare to feel pain in unexpected areas.  Spin uses many different muscles than yoga.  I expected my thighs to be hurting, but was unprepared for abs, shoulders and yes, the area that sat on the seat is in a lot of pain.

Have you been to spin class before?  Did you have a good experience?


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  • Haven't tried a spin class yet but now I want to. Great post.

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