Help Me Figure Out My Dreams

Help Me Figure Out My Dreams

I rarely remember my dreams.  The past two nights I have woken up vividly recalling my stress to pack all my clothes.

The first sleep it was a college apartment that I had to be out of at a certain time and there was so much stuff I couldn't possibly gather it all.

Last night my dream was more bizarre.  My clothes were at a random Chinese restaurant for some odd reason and I had to gather everything before they were closing.

Since of the similarity of the two dreams, I feel a nagging sense that there is something I should know.  So, I went to a valuable source, the internet, and looked up packing in dreams.  Here is what I found.

Generally all packing dreams show that it is time to reevaluate your life. How you actually pack the items in your dream is important. If you packed things in a hurry, and too quickly then you have too much in your life and you are not spending enough time on relaxing activities, you are starting to feel that you are taking on too much – which indicates a time for rest. If you are packing clothes then it demonstrates a need to become more organized.

This does not resonate to me as a truth or something I've been struggling with. I do not feel that I am taking on too much.  I am busy, but have plenty of time to relax.  My house is organized for the most part and I don't see a major need to clean.

Hmm.  What could my dreams mean?

Do you believe in analyzing your dreams?  Have you ever dreamed about packing or had a different recurring dream?

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