Germs, Please Stay Away From My House

Germs, Please Stay Away From My House

The past month has been surrounded by coughing, sneezing, runny noses, Kleenex and orange juice.  Everyday I send my offspring to this vestibule of germs called school.  The colds seem to be never ending despite the teachers' attempts at hand sanitizing often.

Now the germs have traveled to me and I'm trying to get well without medicine, if possible. Not sure who my daughter learned this from, but she won't take medicine either.  No, she really won't take it.  We plead, we beg, we bribe, we hold her down and it doesn't happen. We get defeated by a 3 year old.

It is beyond frustrating when she is whining and crying that she is coughing and I know the cough medicine will temporarily stop the cough, yet her stubbornness wins.  I'm now understanding where she gets this from.

As a result of the lack of medicine taking and the fact this cold has lasted way past the appropriate time frame, I'm searching other avenues of healing.

1. Humidifier.  This hugely helped my boy stop coughing all night long.  Yet, he still is coughing during the day.

2. Herbal Vapor Chest Rub.  This has a blend of cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, lavender, thyme, peppermint and yarrow. This expensive wax smells wonderful and the kids enjoy the massage on their chest.

3. Steam.  I turn on our shower as hot as possible and bring the kids in the bathroom as the steam builds up.

All of the above temporarily alleviate discomfort, but a cure didn't happen. Despite my attempt to avoid the doctor's office, I made an appointment and off we went.

This time I came prepared with homework expecting a long wait in the bare room.  It seems no matter how prepared I am, we still wait what feels like forever for the doctor to come in. The kids eventually begin playing with the light switch and end up lying on the dirty germ covered floor.

Two cases of strep throat were diagnosed.  This is the third time my kids have had it this year, although the doctor did not seem phased at all by this.  As I mentioned above, my girl WILL NOT take medicine and ten days of forcing her to take that dreaded white stuff was not possible, so I opted for the shot.

Did you know a shot is an option to cure strep? My rationale was maybe this time strep will be gone from my house for a long time.

Strep means 24 hours isolation which means  all plans are off.  As much as I don't want to miss ballet or school, obviously we all need to slow down and fingers crossed this rest will give us a healthy family for at least the month of March.

Have your kids been sick a lot this year? What kind of natural remedies do you use?  Do you have any magic solutions to get stubborn little ones to take medicine?

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