Mail a Valentine's Day Card Today

Mail a Valentine's Day Card Today

I've been ignoring Valentine's Day even though it has been in all the stores since before 2012 even began.

That changed today when I got sucked into a sparkling, red wonderland at Target.  Between both kids we have to have 50 signed valentines next week.  I decided it was time to get in the spirit.

One of my old college roommates used to turn her nose up at my boyfriend and I celebrating Valentine's Day.  She would say, "Everyday should be Valentine's Day."   True that would be nice, but it isn't our reality.  We are busy and sometimes we forget to tell our loved ones that we love them.  Who doesn't love to be loved?

Here is an easy way to make someone smile this February 14th.  You might be surprised the simple pleasure in giving.

Mail a Valentine Today.  If you get one in the mail in the next few days, it will arrive at your loved ones home very close to Valentine's Day.  Simply pick up one at Target, Walgreens or make your own.  We rarely get mail besides bills and how sweet would it be to receive a Valentine from your mom, dad, sister, daughter, cousin or friend?

Sometimes it is important to get back to the basics.  No need to write a long note, a simple signature gets the message across.  Our lives have sped up from constant access to electronics; I barely even talk on the phone anymore, let alone mail letters.

You may say your family doesn't celebrate the "Hallmark Holiday" and that is okay.  Sending a Valentine to someone you love is easy and thoughtful.

Try it.




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