Live it Up on Leap Day Deals

Live it Up on Leap Day Deals

February 29th only happens once every four years.  Since we get an extra day, should we do something special?

Tula Yoga's scheme to get more men into yoga - every woman that brings in a man, gets in free (the woman, not the man) Wednesday only!

After yoga, reward yourself with a 29 cent donut. Wednesday, Feb. 29 buy one cup of coffee – get a $0.29 donut (limit one dozen). Follow on Twitter or Facebook to get your discount! Dunkin’ Donuts New Location - 1519 W. Madison

 Navy Pier is offering special savings including free parking and ferris wheel rides plus .29 cent admission to The Chicago Children's Museum and deals at many stores and restaurants.

If you’re one of those rare folks who only has a birthday every four years, these restaurants want to offer you a free entree on Feb. Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush on the Magnificent Mile, Riva Crab House on Navy Pier and Tuscany in Little Italy Oak Brook and Wheeling. It’s a buy-one-get-one free deal, and you’ll have show ID.

Still looking for more? Check out Kidgrade's ideas for the 366th day.

What are your plans for Leap Day? Might as well make it a good one.


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