Facing My Fears and Auditioning for Listen to Your Mother

Facing My Fears and Auditioning for Listen to Your Mother

This weekend I am taking one of the biggest steps out of my comfort zone.  I am auditioning to be a part of Listen to Your Mother, a national series of local writers in celebration of Mother's Day.

My last audition I can remember was 8th grade Guys and Dolls where I gratefully received a spot in The Mission Band.

I remember last year reading tweets of ladies raving about how amazing the show Listen to Your Mother was.  In a far away place in my mind I longed to be amongst these women and my yoga practice has given me hope that it could be possible.  It is also is very possible I will try out and not get a part which will be fine because the audition will be over and most likely I will have thought it was a good experience.

Or I could freeze and run off stage crying.

The first problem is I don't know which piece to audition with.  Considering this is happening in two days I really need your help. Are any of my previous blogs memorable to you?  Can you imagine me on stage reading anything specific?  Here are a few ideas I'm bouncing around.  Which is your favorite?


Proud of My Chess Club Dropout

Something about those Keds

I'll let you know which piece I chose and how it goes.


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