Four Year Old Needs Asian Caucasion Bone Marrow Donor

Four Year Old Needs Asian Caucasion Bone Marrow Donor

Does this adorable little boy remind you of your son?  He is a lot like most four year olds except he is sick and desperately searching for a generous individual to save his life. 

Kyle Crawford is a half-Chinese, half-Caucasian 4-year-old with aplastic anemia - a condition where the body does not produce enough new blood cells and is fatal within six months without a bone marrow transplant. Of the 9 million registered bone marrow donors, a match hasn’t been found for Kyle yet. Kyle's family is searching for half-Asian/half-Caucasian donors to increase the likelihood of a match. Getting tested to be a bone marrow donor is as simple as swabbing your cheek.

Ten years ago, finding a match for Kyle would have been extremely difficult. But as social media has connected our world more than ever before, today chances of finding a half-Asian/half-Caucasian donor to help save Kyle’s life are better than ever.

Even if you don’t know a match, someone you know might. You can “Like” and follow Kyle’s cause through his Facebook Page and Twitter profile.  Visit and

We can make a difference in Kyle's life.

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