Repeat After Me: This Too Shall Pass

Repeat After Me: This Too Shall Pass

I remember when my son was nine months old.  He had learned to sit up on his own, but  couldn't move yet.  I would lay a handmade blanket on the floor of his room, in our old condo on Ashland, and line up toys around him.  He would sit for hours and play with primary colored blocks, picking them up exploring each corner.  He never seemed to care and was usually content if I sat with him or did my own thing.  At first I enjoyed the freedom, proud that he didn't need me.  But, something in the far back of my head told me to sit on the carpet and enjoy the moment with him.  To watch my first born learn, laugh and get frustrated was a treasured time.  I knew I should savor those moments, because this too will pass. 

Now that little boy is in kindergarten, learning to read, going to after school chess club and growing up before my eyes.

My daughter has graduated from the terrible twos and is now the queen of the terrible threes.  She has inherited both her mom and her dad's stubborn streak and, boy is she stubborn.  She wins at stand offs by screaming until she gets her way.  It is hard and frustrating, and there are times when I want to give up, scream and leave the house. 

I try to remind myself and my husband, this too shall pass.  She is learning her boundaries and even though she is shrieking at Target, I will not give in and buy her the Hello Kitty nail polish.  I might have to embarrass myself at lunch, when I tell her she can only drink one juice.  And for sure, I will not get the evening I expected as it will take her hours to sleep.

But, I know in that faraway place in the back of my head that I will look back on this time and remember when my little girl was precious and feisty.

This too shall pass.




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    I'm saying it out loud...THIS TOO SHALL PASS!! Thank you so much for this...I really needed it!

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