How Does Michelle Duggar Ever Get Any Sleep?

How Does Michelle Duggar Ever Get Any Sleep?

Michelle Duggar announced yesterday she is pregnant with her 20th child.  Twenty.  That is 10 times more children than I have.  Ten Times.

How does that lady have the energy to take care of 19 children while she is pregnant? Isn't she tired? I cannot imagine.  I'm struggling here with two. 

Can you fathom the amount of laundry she must have?  Do the kids wear their outfits more then once before she washes? For sure they must wear their pajamas many nights before they end up in the laundry.  Don't her kids get paint, tomato sauce and mud on their clothes?  Or maybe John, Jana and the other oldest J name do the laundry while they take care of Jordan, Josie and the other young kids whose names starts with a J.

I can't really criticize Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.  They are in the process of raising nineteen children who seem to be polite,honest and hard working.  The family helps others and cares about our environment.   They have no debt, buy used and live within their means.

Each Duggar is always dressed in clean clothes with their hair and teeth brushed. 

 I'm impressed.



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  • Have you seen that photo floating around of Michelle Duggar gazing up at Jim Bob's face like a love-sick teenager? This is the secret to their life that *I* want to know. How does she keep that tingly feeling alive 24/7 after 20 kids?

    I know how she sleeps. She has 9 babysitters and 10 babysitees on hand at all times.

  • In reply to Christine Whitley:

    Yes, Christine, I noticed that look. I t seems to be the only look she has.... Doesn't their reality show help pay all those bills now?

  • In reply to clairehg:

    I've seen the look. I'm somewhat envious and also a little creeped out by the look.

    Interesting that they are on TV, but they don't own or watch TV.

  • I guess I just don't understand HOW her body and mind handles all these kids and pregnancies. Maybe I am a wimp, but 3 is going to be it for me. Do you get more patient the more kids you have? How are you hormonally after all of these ups and downs? I have too many questions...

  • In reply to erago:

    You are not a wimp at all. She is a super human being. Most bodies cannot physically handle back to back to back to back pregnancies. Can they?

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    I know I couldn't handle it....

  • My stepsister had 10 single births. She's about my age -- a few years older. I haven't asked her but I would really like to know about her pelvic floor. Mine is shot after two kids!

  • You almost answered your own question: 'Or maybe John, Jana and the other oldest J name do the laundry while they take care of Jordan, Josie and the other young kids whose names starts with a J'

    Except the children do it all. Every baby she has, once the requisite publicity appearances are over, is 'assigned' to an older daughter for them to raise. Nowadays the Duggars do very little actual parenting, they've got the oldest girls so well-trained. The children also do the majority of the chores. And by children, I mean daughters.

    They are raising nineteen children to either be authoritative patriarchs or willing and obedient vessels whose only duty is to 'go forth and multiply'. Read up on Quiverfull. (It's worth noting that the Duggars and Andrea Yates share the same belief system re: children.)

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