Holiday Cleanse Day One

Holiday Cleanse Day One

One of the negatives (or some might say positives) of hosting Thanksgiving is my house is overcome by desserts, buttery leftovers and other delicious temptations.  Sunday night and Monday morning I felt sluggish, puffy and uncomfortable after a weekend eating apple pie for dinner and binging on wine and m&ms into the evening. 

Even more frustrating is that the pumpkin cheesecake could sit in my refrigerator for months and my husband wouldn't touch it.  That is because he has self-control, and I apparently have none.  I can tell myself repeatedly to not to eat the rich cornbread, but at some point my body over takes my mind and eats it. 

My kids won't eat the leftovers either.  The m&ms they will eat, but they have no interest in pie or stuffing.  Since me and the dog are the only ones who will eat it; I have no choice but to throw the tasty treats into the garbage.  I wish I knew where to donate or give it to someone who would enjoy it.  I know none of my family or friends would want a 3/4 eaten dessert. 

 Clearly for me to feel good, I can't have those foods in my house.  They are for the most part gone and I feel better after a heated vinyasa class this morning.   Let's see if I can resist the temptation of all that December has to offer. 

Do you have any tips for staying away from fatty, comfort foods?

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