Questions for the Tooth Fairy

Questions for the Tooth Fairy

My first born lost his first tooth this weekend.  Unfortunately, the moment wasn't all we wished for.  After eating lunch at the apple orchard, he checked out the mini horses, goats and giant pumpkin eating dinosaur before we noticed.  When he looked at me, his mouth wasn't the same.  I told him with excitement, he touched the space and broke into tears because we had no clue where his tooth was and there was very little chance of finding it.

It was a sad moment and we must have made a scene because one lady gave me the pouty face and another came over to tell us the same thing had  happened to her daughter.  Once our composure was regained and it was decided to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy the questions began.

"What does the Tooth Fairy do with all the teeth?"

"How does the Tooth Fairy know to come to our house?"

"Is the Tooth Fairy a girl or a boy?"

"Have you seen the Tooth Fairy?"

"Where does the Tooth Fairy live?"

These are all valid questions and I'm not sure how to respond.  Can you help me answer them?



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  • I'm not sure...I don't think my parents ever tried to convince me that the tooth fairy was real. It was more of a game...and after losing my first tooth I was so proud that I paraded it around church the next Sunday. People gave me money. I thought that was better than the tooth fairy. :)

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