My Little Chicago Garden That Could

My garden has come a long way from when I planted it back in May. We have had a lot of rain lately and the vegetables, for the most part, are thriving.  I've been a little discouraged as my tomato plants have not produced a large quantity as I had hoped.  There are some green tomatoes, but it seems the squirrels get to them before they turned red. I've also been told where they are growing does not get enough sun. How much sun do tomato plants need?


My squash, zucchini and cucumber plants have huge leaves and lots of yellow flowers.  Today I noticed the first zucchini and I am hoping there are more on their way.


The radishes have been a  hit; they are small but plentiful and delicious.  My daughter eats them straight from the ground.

More than anything else, I have gotten so much use out of the herbs.  To buy fresh basil, mint, dill or oregano from the store is expensive and often wasteful.  I feel so lucky to walk out my back door and have pungent herbs at my fingertips.  It is impressive how they season simple meals intensely.  I can't make eggs anymore without sprinkling in chives.  Basil freshens up every salad, and oregano and thyme spice up pasta and pizzas.


What have you been growing?  What vegetables have done well, and not so well?  Have the squirrels gotten into your garden?

I hope your weekend is relaxing, fun and productive, that is what I am hoping for mine!


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