Meatless Monday: Creamy Kale Millet

Meatless Monday: Creamy Kale Millet
Creamy Kale Millet

If I say to you, "Creamy Kale Millet," does that sound like an addictive, delicious, vitamin rich dish?  Or do you assume it is a dry salad that will leave you hungry?

It is not dry and it will not leave you hungry.

This vegan dish is rich, filling, the perfect consistency and healthy.   My yoga coworker friend raved about this recipe from Yum Universe.

I ventured to Whole Foods to find the ingredients and was a bit frustrated that I had to buy Coconut Oil, Nutritional Yeast and Tahini only to use a few tablespoons of each.

It was suggested to use more then the 5-7 kale leaves and instead used more like ten.  I also substituted quinoa for millet since I already had it in the house.  It took about a half hour to prepare this and I used a lot of dishes, blender, pots and my kitchen was a mess when done.

It was all worth it.  This dish is heavenly.  I literally effortlessly ate an entire bunch of kale for lunch. This could also be served as a tasty side dish at a dinner party and can be enjoyed hot, cold or warm.  I know I will be using the rest of the oil and yeast as I will for sure be making this many more times.

If you are brave enough to try it.  I promise you will have no regrets.


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  • This looks like the kind of thing I would love. I'd never make it though because it's too much trouble to make just for me. My husband might try it but he's not a kale fan. The girls wouldn't even give it a sniff. Oh well, I'll file it away. Maybe we can try it when the kids are 10 and 14.

  • In reply to christinewhitley:

    Christine, I am in the same situation. I made it one day while my kids were eating their lunch. It felt good to make something for myself that I wanted. Treat yourself!

  • In reply to christinewhitley:

    My boyfriend is not a fan of kale either, but you can substitute spinach or steamed broccoli and it's just as fantastic.

  • LOVE this recipe! The first few times I made it, I too had a messy kitchen to deal with and a ton of dishes! But now it takes me 30 minutes TOP from start to finish and that includes half of the clean up. I just finished my first jar of tahini from making this recipe so often! You can also use coconut oil for so many things. I put a tablespoon in my smoothie, slather it on dry skin patches, etc. It really is a great staple to have in your kitchen, especially for healthy Meatless Monday dishes!

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