Let Us Not Forget About Chicago Beaches

Let Us Not Forget About Chicago Beaches

This morning I should have been:

1. Working out

2. Cleaning, shopping or getting ready for my daughter's party this weekend

3.  Dropping off and picking up the dry cleaning

4.  Getting a  car wash.

5.  Paying bills

6. Writing

7. Potty training (yep, still)

8. Tackling the never ending laundry pile

You get the picture.  There was a lot to be done.  Because my kids' were up at 5 a.m., by the time it hit 9 a.m., the day felt like one of the longest.  I'm not sure where I pulled out the enthusiasm and energy, but I impulsively instructed the kids to get on their bathing suits, grabbed towels, a bucket and my camera and headed to the beach.

Our city is unique that we have a beach so close to us.  It is a fifteen minute drive and yet, it was the first time I visited this summer.  It really is breathtaking.  The blue sky, sound of waves and fresh air with a glimpse of our cityscape in the background.

As soon as we arrived at Montrose Beach, my little ones took off in a sprint into the vast open area ahead.  At that time of day, the beach is quiet and not crowded at all.  As the morning progressed it filled up with cotton candy and ice scream vendors (luckily I had no cash because my kids begged), families barbecuing on the grass, joggers, bike riders, dogs...and this was just a Wednesday morning.

Not only did I not spend a penny, but my kids are exhausted and I feel a new sense of peace and am now ready to tackle my to-do-list.



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