The People We Meet

I love teaching prenatal yoga because I meet a wide range of diverse, thought provoking women.  A hairstylist, a flight attendant, a single student, a 42 year old, a 21 year old, overweight, underweight, yet they share a commonality.  These ladies are all pregnant. 


These females are so different, but they will all become new moms with kids around the same age.  They might run into each other again at the park or in play groups or they might never see each other again.   Some lifelong friendships are formed.

Today they are bonded together over the child growing inside of them.  As much as their family and friends are supportive, these elated classmates are experiencing similar aches, movement and worries. 

Judgment is placed aside as these women share this incredible journey they are on. 

I love teaching prenatal yoga.




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