The Oprah Farewell Show Chronicles Continue

The Oprah Farewell Show Chronicles Continue

If you are catching up, you can read here and here to learn of my quest to be a part of Oprah Winfrey's final Chicago show.

I picked up my tickets at The United Center box office on rainy and dreary Saturday. Now that the golden tickets are in my cold hands, I have the difficult task of deciding who will fill the big shoes of the extra seat beside me.

My top contenders are my loyal mom, my bestie sister and partner in crime husband.  My husband honestly only wants to join me for the new car or trip to Australia, and we devoted Oprah watchers know that isn't going to happen again.  She would never pull off the same surprise twice.

I would love to share this once in a lifetime experience with my sister.  Yet, we already flew to New York for one night to sit in the front row with the ladies of The View.  Really could this top skinny Star Jones telling us, "We could take a picture of her and not with her?"

 After much deliberation, it has been decided my mother will be my plus one for Oprah's Farewell Show.  Now that I have my own son and daughter, I wonder how I could possibly repay my own mom for countless diaper changes, sleepless nights and the ten plus years of attitude.

I know my mom is thankful for the gift of seeing a hometown icon share her final show of 25 years with 20,000 of her closest fans.  Oprah preaches to "live our best life" and be our authentic self.  These valid mantras are ones my mother demonstrates to me and I hope to teach my children.   

 Now I just need to figure out what to wear tonight.


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  • Yay Beth! Yay Mrs. Weindruch! Yay! I'm so excited for you guys. Beth - we must go to Big Star immediately so you can tell me all about it over tacos and margaritas. xoxo

  • In reply to JillE:

    Jill, We must schedule an immediate taco date. I will try to tweet from the long as Gayle doesn't take away my phone.

  • In reply to JillE:

    Beth that is so awesome to hear you are going to the show!! I cannot even imagine the great things Oprah has in store!! I hear another local Chicago show is taking over Oprah's time slot after her finale are you planning on watching? I know no one could ever replace Oprah but it's nice to see another show centered around our amazing city!!

  • In reply to NicoleM411:

    I will check out the new show, I don't know much about it. I do love Chicago shows.

  • In reply to NicoleM411:

    Yeah, the loyal mom wins! I know it was a tough competition but I am grateful!!!!!!!!!! I knew changing all those diapers had a pay off. Thank you Beth.

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