My Urban Garden is Planted

I've always heard Mother's Day is the best time to plant your garden. The holiday is still days away, but my excitement couldn't keep me away from getting dirt under my nails.  Fingers crossed old Mother Nature cooperates and it doesn't get too cold.

This is my third year planting in this space. Last year wasn't hugely successful.  I bought some enriched organic soil and am planning to mix in coffee grounds to allow nutrients to the vegetation.  Hopefully that is what was missing in 2010.

Besides the usual tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, I'm experimenting with some new plants this year.  My kids' are most intrigued about the strawberries.  I'm also trying squash, eggplant and a bunch of leafy greens.  One side of the garden plot is shaded; I'm hoping the greens do well without too much sun. 



I am by no means an expert on gardening.  I appreciate tips and advice from those who have information to share.

For example, how much and often should a garden be watered?  Is it possible to over water?  It was brutally hot last summer, I water a lot. 

 What are you planting this year? 


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  • Congratulations and Good luck! After the long brutal winter and rainy April, it's a treat to dig in the soil again. Your plants should be fine. The online Farmer's Almanac agrees:

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    Phew, I'm thrilled I'm on track with the Farmer's Almanac. I took your advice and bought the soil and it made a huge difference. Thanks for your input.

  • In reply to bobvivant:

    They ask for your zip code to provide ones that match the products in your local Target and "Printapons" and other online sources. Be sure to check out the websites of your favorite products often has coupons

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