Memorial Day Meatless Monday Plus An Interview With A Celebrity Chef

I had the joy of speaking with longtime vegetarian, chef, TV personality and new mother Cindi Avila.  She shared with me why using Lightlife products has been an advantage to her cooking and eating. Besides the fact that she is super sweet and knowledgeable, she also was featured on my guilty pleasure of choice, Bravo's Pregnant in Heels

 I have never considered using a meat substitute, but Cindi brought up an amazing point: there is no dish she cannot recreate with Lightlife products.  One of her favorite dishes, pre- vegetarian was chicken parmesan, which she can easily prepare meat free, and it is lighter healthier as well. 

I wonder if vegetarians get bored with veggies, tofu and beans, but Lightlife products add the flavors and options one might be missing.  Kids won't even know the difference between a regular hot dog and a Smart Dog.  What better day for a Smart Dog than Memorial Day! 


Cindi claims she has a lot of energy and is a nonstop "go" person.  She feels meat weighs her down.  Another positive that Cindi pointed out is how easy and fast these products are to cook with.  My husband and I both worry about serving undercooked meat, Lightlife proteins are precooked.  This also equals less prep time and no dreaded fear of serving our dinner guests pink chicken.

Lightlife sent me some products to try out.  Of course, I had to put these products to the test with my own focus group: my family. Their products range from chicken, to ground beef, to sausage. For my trial, I chose Organic Smoked Tempeh Strips Fakin Bacon, because my critics, my son, daughter and husband, all obsess over the unhealthy version.


For Memorial Day, I decided a BLT would be an easy sandwich to test it out.  My husband thought the smell resembled that of bacon, but the scent did not waft through the house for hours after cooking as it does for the original.  Combined with the sandwich, it was a tasty meal, minus the nitrates and fat.

I finally get it.  If you don't want to eat animals, but you want a substantial meal with different tastes, than basic bland vegetables, these products are a perfect way to spice up any meal. 

What are you eating for your Memorial Day Meatless Monday? 

Thank you to all our troops today and every day.



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