Meatless Monday: Asparagus Guacamole

It is officially, more or less, spring in Chicago.  The farmer's markets are now in full swing.  My kids and I made our first visit to the Green City Market last Wednesday and met up with our friends.  It was a joy to once again be a part of the sweaty crowd moving through the grass to receive the freshest products available.

The highlights were plants and herbs for the garden, asparagus and rhubarb.  The asparagus ranged from thick to thin, purple to green.  I bought a couple different types of the vegetable and decided the best way to re-introduce asparagus to my family is in an always crowd pleasing guacamole. 

asaparagusguac 006.JPG

I discovered a delicious guilt free recipe from Taste of Home. I didn't know if I could combine the purple and green variations, so I made two batches.  I was a little let down to learn that the vibrant purple asparagus turned color when cooked and blended.  In the purple guacamole I used less mayonnaise, more herbs and hot sauce.  I added some fresh chives and basil from the garden. 

My five year old son, who if you have read previous Meatless Monday posts, does not enjoy most vegetables and spits out everything he tastes, loved this recipe.  Not sure if it is an age thing, but as a baby and toddler he was not picky at all.  He ate both versions and continually went back for more.  I wonder if I tell him there is asparagus in it, he will feel the same.

asaparagusguac 008.JPG

Our friends, one claims he does not eat asparagus; both came over hungry and dug right in commenting how tasty and satisfying the dips were.  The only complaint was that they were slightly watery.  This could have been prevented if I made sure the asparagus was thoroughly drained after steaming and before blending. 

Have you been enjoying the fresh in season asparagus?  How do you prepare it?  What are you eating for Meatless Monday?

Hope your week begins with good food.




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  • OMG, I was the friend mentioned in this post! i am famous! :-)

    But seriously, this recipe was good. The mayo in the green asparagus recipe makes me wonder how truly guiltless it is, but that said, i didn't ask how much went into it. It was delicious though. The purple asparagus recipe reminded me of baba ghanoush actually, not guac, but it was still good. the fresh cilantro was key in both of the dishes!

    I also forgot to tell you this...did you know that Andies in Andersonville has a Meatless Mondays menu? We ate there on Friday and I saw it and thought of you!

    (down with boston rob)

  • In reply to kevinlole:

    The mayo was low fat, so that helps a little.

    I didn't know about Andies, but that is super cool that restaurants are hopping on board for Meatless Monday.

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