There is No Place Like Home

I read another blog with this same title, and it inspired this post.  Many seem to have traveled to visit loved ones this weekend for Spring Break, Passover and Easter.  Traveling often reminds us of the famous line at the finale of The Wizard of Oz, which coincidently we watched as a family this weekend.


My home is comfortable, familiar, bright and the walls of our belongings.  I feel relaxed, uninhibited and myself under our roof.  The ceiling is over my caretaker husband, my analytical son, my high-energy daughter, my annoyingly loving dog and myself. 

Our house contains my space to practice yoga and to reconnect to my body, family and thoughts.  It isn't a fancy studio, or opened aired, wood floored sanctuary.  It is my carpeted bedroom, my favorite room of the house with sliding glass doors overlooking the yard.   I catch a glimpse of Walgreen's, Western Avenue and hear the #49 bus.  I smile at my kids' bikes, my vegetable garden, the hand me down plastic slide and our sole large umbrella of a tree. 

I love seeing my children interact with their grandparents and escaping the mundane, repetition of everyday life. 

I also love coming home.

*    *    *

I'm making a cold yogurt cucumber soup today for Meatless Monday.  Check back later to see how it turns out. 


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