The Sleep Fairy Visited My House Last Night

Last night was one of those marathon evenings where my daughter would not go to bed.  After a late nap, she clearly was wide-awake.  We read books, we sang songs, we put her babies to bed and still she was not having it.

As soon as we tucked her in and she was temporarily quiet, she called to us that she had to go potty, needed a Band-Aid, was sick, thirsty or wanted a hug. This went on for hours. My husband and I were tired, frustrated and drained.  Finally, in an exhausted statement I told her I had no choice but to call the Sleep Fairy.

Defeated I walked into the office searching for something, anything to represent the fairy that I just explained to my little girl.  I quickly grabbed a paperweight I received at the Guinness Factory in Dublin as a souvenir from an unforgettable childfree vacation in Ireland. 


I returned to her room and showed her the special rock from the Sleep Fairy. Her eyes widened as I explained if I shook the magic rock over her body fairy dust would fall and make her very tired.

As I rattled the paperweight, she said she felt the sparkly dust on her hair.  I told her she could hold the special rock, but only if she remained very quiet and stayed in bed or the Sleep Fairy would take the rock away.

I never heard another peep from her.

I went upstairs to check on her and she was peacefully asleep clutching the Guinness paperweight.

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  • You never know what will work for kids! This reminds me of a day this winter when we had exhausted all of our efforts in play. Puzzles, forts, toys, coloring, play name it, we did it! I had just been to the grocery store and the kids were getting buggy, so I picked up two potatoes and told them they were magic. Those kids, wide eyed and full of curious wonder, played with those potatoes for over an hour! ahhh... sweet blissful silence. ;) great post!

  • In reply to erago:

    I love the idea of magic potatoes! I am going to remember to use that the next time I have one of those days. Thanks for your comment.

  • In reply to erago:

    Brilliant, but a little shifty. That's okay though because it worked.

  • In reply to erago:

    Shelly, I was desperate and will to try anything. For some reason my kids do not enjoy going to sleep.

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