The Royal Wedding is Days Away

I love weddings.


our wedding.jpg

I have never witnessed a wedding that I haven't cried.

I've snuck into weddings that I was not invited to.  If your wedding was in Hawaii or outside the Lincoln Park Zoo, I might be in your photos as I was intrigued (and possibly crying).

When else do you have all your family and friends together to celebrate new beginnings, hope and love?  I know some of you are rolling your eyes, but happy occasions of this magnitude are hard to come by these days. 

I do adore the dress, flowers, food, music and details. Yet, I have been to some of the simplest weddings with paper plates and a CD Player and really what matters is the devotion between the bride and the groom.



Obviously, I cannot wait for The Royal Wedding.  It has been talked about way too much for way too long, and I am conflicted on the enormity of the press, paparazzi and collector's items.

I am most interested in the Prince and his bride demonstrate their commitment as a somewhat normal pair.  When all the glitz, glamour and television cameras are turned off, these two are left to grow a life together. 

I hope to catch a glimpse of The Queen, Prince Charles and not-so-little-anymore Harry. I do feel real sadness for the groom who lost his doting mother at such a young age.  Can you imagine being married without your mother?  And worse, having the entire world watching?

Will you be watching The Royal Wedding? I don't know William.  I don't know Kate. But, I cannot wait for their wedding!



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  • I am organising a Royal Wedding Viewing Party in work! But we're in the time zone... can't wait to see the dress!

  • In reply to MegStack:

    Megs, This would be a perfect time for us to work together. I know you will throw one hell of a Viewing Party. Please send photos. Is the hype even larger over in Ireland?

  • I'll be at WCIU in the morning w/ a Client for "local royal happenings!" So excited - and THEN I will be lame and watch it DVR'd at night with a couple pals. : ) GO WEDDINGS!

  • In reply to JillE:

    Exciting! What are the "local royal happenings?" I'm glad I am not alone in my excitement!

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