I Tried Zumba Today

I dragged myself to the gym, stared at the line of elliptical trainers and reluctantly headed towards one and then changed my mind and decided to fill my water bottle first.  As I stood at the drinking fountain, I noticed a poster advertising Zumba beginning in exactly 5 minutes.  I considered it a sign and without thinking it through, headed towards the main studio.

Next thing I knew I was dancing and jumping around to loud international music, a far cry from the monotonous motion of the elliptical.  It reminded me of the 80's Jane Fonda aerobic classes that my mom used to attend with more hips and no Eye of the Tiger or Gloria on the sound system. 


I laughed as I looked around at all the ladies in their Lululemon leggings looking pretty silly as they try to copy the Latin moves of the coordinated teacher.  Hey, I'm sure I looked no better.  That was part of the charm.  Everyone in the room was free to move and dance and get exercise.  I was transported back to the days when my girlfriends and I would go to dance clubs, almost as fun with much more comfortable shoes!

I lift up my daughter and feel my arms sore and it is painful to walk up the stairs as my thighs burn.  It feels good to reach different muscles in a new way. The hour flew by and the high energy change of pace was an unintimidating way to break a sweat. 

There are many classes throughout Chicago at gyms, yoga studios and other venues.  Look here for the location nearest you.

Who wants to join me next week for Zumba? 




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  • Love Zumba b/c you're so busy dancing you forget you're really exercising. I attended Carnavale night in Logan Square two months ago and it was like a four hour Zumba class. Yes, I couldn't feel my hips the next morning!

  • In reply to jofel:

    Wow, four hours! I could barely make it through one. But, I am looking forward to going back. Dancing is fun (and hard) exercise.

  • I do! Are hip 60+ year olds invited? I've been dying to try it. Sounds like fun!

  • In reply to sweindruch:

    Never too old to try new things.

  • In reply to sweindruch:

    What a blast - anything that takes my mind off exercising is a bonus.

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