Are You Able to Let Go?

Are You Able to Let Go?

I have a hard time sitting still.  My head swims with chores I should be doing, projects I need to start or I activities I want to share with my kids. 

Although I have always loved yoga, I initially had a hard time with savasana.  At the end of class, we lay on our backs in complete stillness and quiet for anywhere from 2 - 15 minutes.  Years ago I was the student that was fidgeting and secretly trying to glance at the clock, already planning what I was going to do after class.

 One day after a rigorous practice, I learned to let go.  As I hear a teacher say the words to begin final relaxation, I eagerly spread my legs and arms wide and melt downward. 




I prefer to have an eye pillow to drown out everything surrounding me.  I take these few minutes to decompress and clear my crowded head.  I appreciate the stillness.

I believe this tool has helped me sleep better at night and mentally relax in overwhelming situations. As I tell my students, corpse pose is as important as every other pose during class.        

 Do you love savasana?  How long is your ideal final relaxation?


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  • Oh my. Savasana. My mind is always a flutter with my daily to-do list, I am already planning on what I will be doing after class! It is terrible, but I can do 5 minutes, maybe 6 tops.

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    The worst is when I plan what I am going to eat after class!

  • Savasana used to get me too. Once you master the Letting Go part, it's truly a beautiful thing. 5-10 minutes is my ideal Savasana time, more than that and I start to get too cold to relax, even with a blanket draped on me.
    I spend MUCH of my time interviewing others and publishing their stories on Letting Go. Based on your article, I'm guessing you'd make an excellent contributor. Through these stories, my intent is to inspire and encourage others to Let Go and Trust. To see examples of what I'm referring to (my passion), please visit me at and decide if you'd like to contribute. I'm always on the lookout for REAL stories by REAL people. ~ Leslie

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    Leslie, Thanks for commenting. I would love to contribute to your site. Pleace contact me at

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