A Giveaway Celebrating Earth Month

I have a snacking problem.  I've written before about how I eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and then comes 3:00, and I break down.  I'm always looking for the perfect satisfying, yet filling fix to get me to dinner time.  Almonds tie me over, but I crave sweetness.  I found the solution. Svelte protein drink is all natural, dairy and gluten free.  I tried the Chocolate flavor and was reminded of chocolate milk, always a major treat for me.


I drank the Spiced Chai after my daughter's attempted nap time failed, and I was physically and mentally exhausted (I'm sure she was too).  I finished my shake and the kids and I rode bikes to the park and I actually had energy and was able to run around the playground and keep up with them. 

I am thrilled CalNaturale Svelte offered to give one of my readers an incredible prize pack. They realize the importance of being green all year long, which is why they choose all-natural, organic ingredients and eco-friendly/100% recyclable Tetra Pak containers for their protein shakes! 

In celebration of Earth Month, CalNaturale Svelte will be hosting a giveaway every Monday on its Facebook page for those who do their part to make our Earth cleaner and greener.  We will also be giving away one of the fabulous prize packs on Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom! 

Simply tell us about a lifestyle change you have made to help the planet in a comment below for a chance to win the following incredible prize pack:



The Prize Pack Includes:  

            Meatless Monday Cookbook
·           To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensil Set
·           Whole Foods Gift Card ($50)
·           Branded tote bag
·           1 Case of Svelte

Please leave your comment below and on Monday, April 18th, for Meatless Monday, I will randomly select a winner.  The prize package will be shipped directly to the winner.  I am so excited that one of you will receive this special gift.

Good Luck!




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  • Cloth diapers with #2!

  • We "celebrate" both Meatless Monday and Vegetarian Vednesday.

  • In reply to sydneyb:

    I love Vegetarian Vednesday.

  • In reply to sydneyb:

    We started using cloth bags at the grocery store and I've started buying eco-friendly soap and household cleansers.

  • In reply to sydneyb:


    I have stopped purchasing bottled water and had a filtration system added to my home. We used to go through 3 cases a week, trying to make a difference one bottle at a time.

    Thank you!

  • In reply to sydneyb:

    I go meatless at least one day a week (not always Mondays, but often more than one day). I also have been focusing on becoming more and more educated about where the food I am buying comes from - focusing on fresh, organic and local. Yay! Who wins? When will we know? I love giveaways!

  • In reply to sydneyb:

    i have never tried svelte but i have had calnaturale's wine. and it is nice. :-)

    i started recycling more!

  • In reply to sydneyb:

    I am starting a group of volunteers to help keep a section of our Prairie Path clean. We are going to meet the first Saturday of each month and hopefully we can all run or bike to our clean up site! :)

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    First I want to start off by saying how much I love Svelte! Their drinks are addicting! :) A few months ago I made the decision to tone up and with that, eating healthier (organic, all natural, fresh foods) and because of my lifestyle change, my family joined too! I've gotten them to start recycling and eating healthier. We've all changed the way we live, literally. We're mindful about what we put into our bodies now. No more processed food, we're eating all natural foods that are gluten-free.

    When we go grocery shopping, we bring our own bags and we're making sure that if we use any paper or plastic we recycle it. We're even getting our aunts and uncles on board!

    The one thing that I'm most proud of is our dedication to not print as much paper and becoming more mindful of how we live our lives. Plus, we're all exercising everyday!

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    Hello! I have bought a Brita pitcher instead of buying bottled water, I have gotten my boyfriend to recycle more, I give my fruit/veggie scraps to a friend at work for her composte bin for gardening, and I started eating vegetarian lunches on Mondays :)

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    I use reusable bags when I go shopping and I always carry around a stainless steel water bottle.

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    Has a winner been chosen?

  • In reply to cchen30:

    Yes, the winner was announced in the post linked below. Thank you for entering.


  • I've tried to PDF more files directly, instead of printing and scanning.

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