A Day at The Art Institute of Chicago

If you are like most Chicagoans, you are aware of our city's top-notch art museum.  You probably drive by it when you are on Michigan Avenue and point it out to your visiting friends.  But, how often do you actually go to The Art Institute of Chicago?


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Friends, we have this gorgeous building in our backyard.  As a kid, I remember walking inside and marveling at the enormity and beauty of the high ceilings, breathtaking paintings and ornate sculptures.  Honestly as an adult I feel exactly the same thoughts, as well as wondering how they keep their wood floors immaculate.

There is so much to see.  I don't think it is possible to see it all in one day.  We were there for a few hours and probably saw 1/8 of the museum, if that.

Something about the massive building of the Art Institute constantly amazes me.  I was thrilled to see my children feel equal intensity as they skipped inside the museum. The kids were surprisingly interested in the artwork, but I was itching to check out the kid's area. 

There are two children's areas.  The first is downstairs and includes the Miniatures, which I told my daughter were dollhouses and she was hooked. These dioramas contain more details than any home I have ever seen.  



The second spot we visited was newer and in the Modern Wing.  The room had bright colors, computers, books, blocks and puzzles.  The kids learned about noteworthy artists and paintings with fun, interactive activities.



My children protested leaving, but I was hungry!

When I told my son we were going to the Art Institute he said it sounded boring.  Yet when he spotted the lions at the entrance he uttered, "Wow!  This is cool!" 

 I couldn't agree more.





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  • The miniature thing is so cool it reminded me of the big doll house at the museum of science and industry.

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