April Fools

It is officially April.  Today welcomes 30 days of attempted sunshine and green sprouts emerging from the ground.  It is a month of shedding the extra weight and layers from the long, gloomy winter.

Today is also April Fools Day, a long-standing tradition in my family.   A favorite memory of mine is when my mom put sugar in the salt shaker and served me scrambled eggs allowing me to put the "salt" on my breakfast.  Today I'm seeing the same animation I had as a child in my son.

Every year I strive to trick my husband, parents and sister, some years more elaborate than others.  My family members know me enough to be aware of signs, especially because I am the worst liar ever. 

I read a list of creative family friendly April Fools jokes over at Parenting.  After much deliberation, my son and I decided on the perfect prank for Dad: stuff his shoes with toilet paper.  Now, the key to successfully pulling this off is for the 5 year old not to spoil our plan before the moment.   He is the kid who tells what we got everyone for their birthday, before they have opened their gift.  Sadly, I do know whom he got this trait from (pointing finger at myself).

I executed the plan flawlessly before I went to bed, rolling up a substantial ball of toilet paper and pushing it back into the toes of the shoes.  Then making sure the shoes were in the exact same spot was key.


april fools.jpg

Exhibit A

You would of thought this morning was my son's birthday.  He was awake before the sun and eager for the big reveal.  When his father said he was getting in the shower little boy asked, "Does that mean you are going to put on your shoes afterwards?" 

 Yeah, we are still working on keeping a secret.

As Dad sat on the edge of bed putting on his shoes, we saw his confusion as his foot wouldn't quite fit in.  He smiled as he pulled out the toilet paper and we proudly screamed,

" April Fools!"

It was a simple moment that I'm sure my son will be talking about for years.

Did you pull off any good ones?  The day is still young, I'm hoping to trick some more fools.  Does anyone have a good idea for my young kids? 


To you my loyal readers, as a thank you for reading my blog I am giving you.....





 (I couldn't resist.)


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  • hahahhaa, i'm sure dan was very pleased. i love april fools day. but i think it is very hard to pull off a decent prank that doesn't end up hurting someone's feelings. but i love what you are doing. keep it up beth and dylan.

  • In reply to kevinlole:

    Kevin, I know what you mean about hurting people's feelings. It isn't funny when someone says, I lost my job or won the lottery - April Fools! I'll try to come up with a good one for you.

  • In reply to kevinlole:

    grandma getting married is always a good one, also i think whenever it involves children its more fun (telling students the spelling doesn't count on the spelling test)

  • In reply to mweindruch:

    Children are so innocent that the simplest jokes are hysterical to them. I bet your students loved that spelling didn't count on their spelling test!

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