Kids and Soda

I barely allow my kids to drink juice.  At every meal they can choose between milk and water.  Maybe on a warm summer day after playing outside we cool off with a glass of lemonade. 

I went to pick up my 4-year-old son from a new friend's house and he was drinking a CAN OF SODA.  I was speechless.  First, I felt mad.  Then I saw the 2-year-old baby drinking soda and I felt sad. 


 I never remember being a soda drinker.  Well my family calls it pop, but I've never really been too interested.  Honestly, I much prefer to save my calories for food.  Or wine. 

My parents drink diet soda and I worry about them.  Not only does soda have sugar and corn syrup, it has chemicals.  My parents are grown adults and can make their own decisions, my little boy can't.

Now he knows it tastes good. I was hoping he would never even taste it.  He told me it made his lips tingle.  I asked if the boys' parents opened the can for him and he told me that his brother got a fork so he could open it himself.  Now this play date is getting dangerous. 

Am I overreacting?  What do I do when I see the boys' parents at pick up and drop off?  Do I let him have another play date?  This could be awkward.

What's next, beer?  This parenting thing is hard. 



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  • i think you might be jumping to conclusions that the next step is's just a can of soda. you could mention to the parents to stop dylan from drinking it if they see him doing it or if he asks for one. but you can't police a child 24/7, nor should you...unless you want a co-dependent son...

  • At least they were being resourceful with the fork.

  • I think the more children are exposed to the better. It is how it is dealt with afterwards. Is it something to learn from?

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