Five Years

Five Thanksgivings ago I was nine months pregnant.

Five Thanksgivings ago my feet were swollen, my belly was at its max and my skin was shining.

Five Thanksgiving ago we were oblivious to how our simple condo living life would change.

Five Thanksgivings ago I was anxious, excited, unknowledgeable and nervous.

Five Thanksgivings ago I had no clue what the words swaddling or exersaucer meant.

Five Thanksgiving ago I knew nothing about breastfeeding, diaper creams or car seats.

Five Thanksgivings ago I thought I knew what it meant to be tired.

Five Thanksgivings ago I experienced a love different from the love I feel for my husband, parents, sister or best friend. 

Five Thanksgivings ago when I gave birth to my 7 pound dark haired baby, I could never imagine him to grow into a clever, sensitive, loving 40 pound person.

Five Thanksgivings ago I met my son.

I am very thankful. 



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  • Excellent! I remember that THanksgiving....and I think you well describe the wonder of parenthood.

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