A Day in the Life

The clock reads 5:04 a.m. although the darkness feels like the middle of the night.  Boy comes into our room and decides to sleep directly on top of me.  I quietly tip toe into his room to pass out in his bed.  Once I am comfortable and close my eyes little girl screams, "Mama, I'm awake!"  With that my day reluctantly begins.

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Immediately the fight to change the diaper begins. Calmly I explain it is fine with me if she doesn't want her diaper changed, then GO IN THE POTTY!

Then starts the getting dressed power struggle.  She will only wear pink.  I pick out an adorable outfit that still has the tags on it.  "No, pink." I'm not talking just a pink shirt.  She wants to wear a pink pull-up, pink pants, pink shirt, pink socks, pink hair band, pink jacket and pink shoes everyday.  Seriously my daughter is a bottle of Pepto Bismol. 

Once the dressing situation is under control we move on to the battle of breakfast.  I give her a choice of cereal or pancakes and she chooses cereal.  Relieved I poor the cereal, berries and milk in the orange bowl.  This is greeted by screaming and crying, "No, pink."  I explain the pink bowl is dirty and the cereal tastes exactly the same in a different color bowl.  My logic does nothing for her tantrum.  I try to ignore the tears, but it is too much to handle especially before my first sip of coffee.  This girl does not give up. I give in and give her cereal in a pink bowl. 

This pattern continues way past 8 a.m., but really you get the picture. 

 At long last 5 p.m. arrives and as my husband walks in the door, I just as quickly exit. Sometimes I'm tired, some days I feel I ate too much, but none of that matters. I walk in the door of the yoga studio, turn off my phone, lie out my mat, and forget every frustration that happened beginning 12 hours earlier.


Yoga is my time.  I don't think about my to-do list, worries, emails or even my kids.  I concentrate on my breath and with each exhale feel my body releasing tension. I reflect on larger concepts such as appreciating the present moment and gratitude.  My body feels strong.  I feel myself smiling.

Before I know it class is over and I'm rolling up my mat heading home feeling lighter. The next time I see my kids I try to use more patience and grace to deal with the current issue. 

What do you do for yourself to make you a better parent? 


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  • They were blush and bashful, one is a much darker shade than the other. Pink is her signature color...

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