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Why Blacks Kill Each Other & How to Cease Ire (Part 3) - False Solutions

It is an observable fact and intuitively obvious to those within the inner circle of esoteric wisdom that 99% of the difficulties and problems experienced by African-Americans are a direct result of the misuse of their own minds and their own faulty thinking. Now that we have established the preceding truth, let’s see what won’t work... Read more »

Happy New Year From the Entrance of the Cook County Jail

One week ago today, on a bitterly cold morning in Chicago on the 150th Anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln that freed black slaves in the rebel-held areas of America, I stood silently to watch as police vehicle after police vehicle arrived at the guard house leading to the... Read more »

Why Blacks Kill Each Other & How to Cease Ire (Part 2)

THE INTELLECTUAL REASONS As I stated in my last blog, African-Americans have a socially engineered mind unlike any on the planet.   Not even the theatrical minds of the North Korean citizenry, so publicly on display during the recent death of their last leader, can match the centuries that the black psyche has had in being influenced and shaped by... Read more »

The Purpose of this Blog - Esoteric Explanations & Solutions

I am writing this blog to explain the cause and provide answers to human level problems; locally or anywhere else in the universe.  The wording will be precise, concise and clear; devoid of psycho-babble or airy erudition.    A problem is any event or circumstance, real or imagined that we give power to deprive us of our natural... Read more »