Why Blacks Kill Each Other & How to Cease Ire (Part 3) - False Solutions

It is an observable fact and intuitively obvious to those within the inner circle of esoteric wisdom that 99% of the difficulties and problems experienced by African-Americans are a direct result of the misuse of their own minds and their own faulty thinking.

Now that we have established the preceding truth, let's see what won't work to solve the problem of violence in the black community, a nagging offspring of the oppressive self-loathing mind.


It is a common mistake among unconscious humans to futilely look to the outer world for solutions to inner problems.  Let's take a look at some of the often tried but thoroughly worthless attempts to solve this problem related to human unhappiness.  

Dispensing unearned benefits that only corrupt the spirit more, such as affirmative action or unrestricted or unsupervised financial assistance.  Social reforms that only advantage the egotists who exploit the very people they pretend to help with such ineffective schemes as anti-poverty programs or educational reforms.  As any conscious person well knows, only individual reform has the power to change conditions for the better.  Superstitious mental gimmicks such as prayer or wishful thinking (hoping) that are better suited for those who should retire to a home for the perpetually bewildered.  Police who basically can only perform as a reactive force to investigate and apprehend after the fact of the commission of a crime.  The police do not prevent crime as they cannot be everywhere at once.  They are not capable of deterring the criminally insane who are hellbent on committing atrocities against others.  There is no such thing as a police strategy for reducing or ending violence in the black areas of the city or the minds of its occupants.  For politicians and their cohorts to speak of one is to engage in a devious, self-serving social lie.  Religious leaders in the neighborhoods where the violence is occurring cannot help.  They are as secretly confused about spiritual matters as the deeply religious people who enslaved their ancestors and trained them to think in the ways that they do regarding theological assumptions.  

Finally, do not ask people to show each other love who have no concept of it's meaning, for it would be a dangerous form of self-deception.  You cannot practice higher principles of which you have no comprehension.  Thinking about love or talking about love are  poor substitutes for knowing love's true nature.   Love is a virtue, and most people are not living a virtuous life.  They use the word love in so many situations that are completely barren of that most supreme of human attributes.   This last admonition may appear to be counter-intuitive, but will be fully explained in my final installment on the true solutions to the problem of violence among blacks in Chicago.

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  • I've asked that this post be removed because I believe it to be overtly racist, a violation of terms of service, and below the standards of ChicagoNow and the Tribune Corp. Particularly the assertion that an entire group of people lack the capacity for love. I have no desire to engage in a back and forth debate. TOS and editorial staff exist for a reason.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    You are entitled to your opinions about the facts.

  • However, since I've been asked to engage but really don't feel like dignifying the situation I'll split the difference. Here's my response, written in 2011. Shouldn't but a paragraph or so to get the point. http://www.chicagonow.com/third-coast-third-world/2011/07/peace-table-article/#image/1

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